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The Automobile market is fast moving into a competitive and increasingly technology-driven arena. The needs of the customers are being met with greater customization and innovation. The industry’s highly competitive environment demands for best talents who can successfully steer companies through challenging times. This trend has positioned India as the major hotbed of talent for the automobile industry as a result of almost all the major global players in the automobile and auto-components industry are setting up manufacturing plants in India to meet the domestic as well as global demands.

At HRX we have been addressing mandates in the areas of corporate management, research, and development, human resources, manufacturing, construction, operations, information technology, production, body shop, maintenance, mechanical engineering, sales and service, marketing, finance, customer care, design, etc. We understand the industry and its talent requirements very comprehensively and our team of professional consultants with a relevant background of the industry ensures that we work on these mandates very productively.


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