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The Indian Telecom industry is during a phase of consolidation after witnessing tremendous growth over the past few decades. However, the Telecom sector is probably going to make a few lakh new jobs on the rear of technological advancements, deeper penetration of smartphones, and entry of latest players within the segment. These crucial set of leaders are going to be instrumental in determining the market capitalisation and share of individual operators within the industry. This is where at HRX Consultants; we become the most trusted partners for our clients by acquiring talent from across the industry, to cater to their executive needs.

We have a delegated team specializing in the Telecom sector to supply customized solutions across verticals, including Telecom operators and OEM’s, devices handsets providers etc. Our team of qualified Telecommunications experts, who have worked within the industry, give valuable advice to clients and hence provide the simplest talent to companies. The team features a strong network by virtue of which they need access to the proper talent within the industry. A knowledgeable team also helps us to screen candidates at our end, thereby reducing the recruitment time for companies.


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