Power Sector

India’s Power sector is one among the foremost diversified within the world. Sources of Power range from conventional like coal, gasoline, hydroelectric to non-conventional like solar, wind. The Power sector has been facing an enormous gap between the demand of Power and therefore the generation of it. The government has infused heavy investments, aside from allowing subsidies for the solar and wind energy sources. These are being complemented with foreign investments, including that of PIOs’, fueling the future growth in the Industry. Also, during a complex regulatory and business environment, it's become very critical for the industry to rent the leadership that's ready to steer them towards profitability.

We, at HRX Consultants, have dedicated consultants, who give us the benefit of deeper insights across various sub verticals and job roles in the industry. They are well connected with key professionals who are at the pivot of change and innovation and can form subsequent lines of talent. We have become the favored partners by delivering value through our tailor-made solutions to clients within the most difficult market conditions.


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