Real Estate Sector

The Real Estate sector in India is essentially divided into residential and commercial (retail, offices, and hospitality) categories. The overall economic conditions highly affects the performance of the important Estate sector in India. The industry attracts huge investments and thus becoming a high-risk sector with a high cost of servicing the debt. The relative stagnancy within the market, over the past decade, has been withdrawing, with the important Estate prices gradually rising.

The Real estate sector, however, is essentially unstructured, and features a great distance to travel to adopt the proper recruitment policies and procedures needed during a growing and professional organisation. The sector is in strong need of candidates having experience in land acquisition (which is usually localized), construction management, project management etc.

At HRX Consultants, we have a strong network of consultants having thorough knowledge of the market as well as the potential candidates. We develop strong ties with both of them which helps us understand the wants from both the edges, thus mapping the proper candidates with the proper companies.


Real Estate
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