Consumer Durables & Building Materials Sector

The Indian consumer industry has been witnessing an unprecedented pace of growth from the last decade, especially impacted by the increase in incomes and living standards. We have also seen a rise in demands for building materials, interior decor and products, furnishers, and modular kitchens. The industry developed different kinds of products that are similar to each other and hence easily replaceable with other brands. In this intensely competitive environment, it becomes very important for companies to uniquely position their products above the advantage of other brands.

It is this highly competitive environment and fast pace of innovation that positions the Consumer Durables & Building Materials industry hiring most innovative and dynamic leaders that are talented to manoeuvre their brands through various strategies facing the industry shortage frequently. This is where HRX comes in. Our team of experts, with their in-depth industry knowledge, helps companies connect with the right talent. HRX ensures that essential competencies are readily available. Our dynamic network helps us proactively identify top talent.


Consumer Durables & Building Materials
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