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Driven by the supply of a huge talent pool of dependable workforce, India has become a favoured destination globally for the Services sector. Various inter-related industries, including tourism, hospitality, civil aviation, and private Services are heavily hooked into the workforce increasingly being sourced from the Indian subcontinent. With globalization taking unfathomed leaps, markets are getting consolidated. We, at HRX Consultants, understand both global and domestic requirements for niche talent, critical to the Services sector.

Our consultants with decades of experience have built an unparalleled network across the world and have access to key individuals who are instrumental in driving growth and innovation within the sector. We still help our clients meet their talent needs through highly personalized solutions. Our engagement and relentless endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients has earned us the reputation of being the foremost trusted and highly favored one to stop buying all their talent requirements.


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